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Hedging Topiary

Hedging Topiary

Bellamont Topiary - Hedging

Bellamont Topiary is a family business in Dorset's beautiful bride valley. The nursery is situated south west of Dorchester on a south-facing slope, and has the largest and most varied collection of British field grown box topiary shapes and hedging in the U.K.

The nursery is open all year Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Weekend visits can be arranged by appointment. Orders can also be made by telephone, fax and email and transportation can be arranged to anywhere in the U.K.

Hedging prices are per plant.
For a hedge up to 45cm high, plant at 20-25cm intervals.
For a hedge taller than 45cm high, plant at 30cm intervals.
The taller the hedge, the larger the spacing required, as the roots will need more room to sustain a high hedge.

height in cm Rootballed Bare Root
25-30 BR   £ 1.80
30-35 BR   £ 2.30
40-50 RB £8.90  
50-60 RB £12.80  
60-80- RB £17.30  
80-1000 RB £ 27.30  
100-1200 RB £ 42  
150-175 RB £ 142.00  
175-200 RB £270